INTERVIEW: What’s At Stake With Author David Satter

February 24, 2022
SmartHER Interview with Author/Journalist David Satter

SmartHER With Author David Satter

Author/Journalist David Satter takes us through his time working in the Soviet Union, witnessing its collapse and the emergence of now Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As the first American journalist expelled from Russia after the Cold War, David explains what he has learned in his more than 4 decades of reporting on Russian affairs and why this moment in time matters.

David takes us on quite a journey through this interview. Some of the names you will know … others you may not or need a refresher. We did!

Here’s a “key” for some of the terms and names used with their time codes:

Baltics = Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (Eastern European NATO countries that border the Baltic Sea).

26:3526:50 ~ Boris Yeltsin (mentioned when talking about Putin’s approval rating of 2% in late 1990s, similar to Yeltsin’s “after 8 years of extremely destructive reforms”).

  • Former president of Russia, first of the Russian Federation from 1991 – 1999. Yeltsin appointed Putin to be prime minister in 1999, and named him acting president when he resigned in Dec. 1999. And in 2000, Putin was elected president for the first time.

40:4741:19 Sergei Yushenkov, “murdered outside of his apartment bloc”

  • Russian lawmaker, aligned with “Western-style” or liberal Russian party, critic of Putin.

41:1941:35 ~ Yuri Schekochihin “… ‘David, we are still alive in 2003.’ Well he was murdered in 2004.”

  • Russian investigative journalist/lawmaker/author.

45:1245:27 Alexei Navalny “… the anti-corruption blogger, who now faces a second prison term while he’s already in prison. he’s not even going to be brought to Moscow for trial.”

  • Anti-corruption investigator, critic of Vladimir Putin, currently serving time in Russian jail.

1:05:151:05:33 Alexander Litvinenko “… poisoned in London on British soil with a nuclear isotope.”

  • Former Russian intelligence officer who lived in London.

by Jenna Lee,