What’s Happening at the White House?

December 10, 2018
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What’s Happening At
The White House?

President Trump announces a staffing change as questions swirl about what’s next for the Special Counsel Investigation.

Why It matters

"John Kelly will be leaving I don’t know if I can sayretiring.’ But, he’s a great guy.”

Pres. Trump speaking to the press about Chief of Staff John Kelly's departure. The fmr. Marine 4-star general, started w/the administration as Sec. of Homeland Security & became Chief of Staff in July 2017. Kelly’s son was killed in Afghanistan. During a notable moment of his tenure, he described what happens when a solider dies at war.

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WH Chief of Staff:

  • Oversees Executive Office of the President. The EOP dates back to 1939 (Pres. FDR) & encompasses 6 main offices including the National Security Council & Council of Economic Advisors.
  • Salary:A $179,700 (along with 21 other WH positions).
  • Bottom Line:A Chief of StaffA runs the office, serves on Cabinet & as a close advisor to the President.

Something To Consider:

Memos filed by the Special Counsel Investigation on Friday raised more questions about:

  • Russia & potential business deals w/Pres. Trump and/or his family.
  • Contact between WH & Pres. Trump’s fmr. campaign manager with criminal past (Paul Manafort).
  • Potential campaign finance law violations by Pres. Trump.

Why Timing Matters:

“The high-profile hiring search comes at a pivotal time as the president looks to prepare his White House for the twin challenges of securing his re-election and fending off inquiries once Democrats gain control of the House next year.”

Despite rampant rumors, no official reason was given for Kelly's upcoming departure. Widespread speculation aside, the Special Counsel has not directly implicated Pres. Trump in any crime or accused him of collusion. Investigation continues.

by Jenna Lee,