Where It Stand: the Border Wall

February 11, 2019
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As President Trump heads to the U.S.-Mexico border ahead of this week’s deadline for a border security funding deal, here’s where a “wall” stands & what’s next.


  • Before legislation in 2006, less than 20 southern border miles had a physical barrier.
  • Today, est.A 1/3 (654 miles) of the southern borderA (CA, AZ, NM & TX) is equipped with *some* pedestrian (354 miles) & vehicle (300 miles) barriers. Est.A 1,300 miles has no barrier.
  • No significant additions since 2011.


  • Gov’t spent $2.3B on fencing from 2007 to 2015.
  • A 2018 bipartisan bill earmarked $1.6B for repairsA & replacements.
  • Pres. Trump seeks $5.7B (enough to build less than 200 miles of new barrier) &A threatened aA gov’t shutdown if the deal does not include border wall funding.
  • Border Patrol says it’ll cost $18B to build barrier in 17 priority spots.

Current Construction Plan

  • Debate continues about new fundingA for new construction at the U.S. southern border
  • Several “replacement projects” currently underway in Texas & California to update and improve pre-existing border barriers.
  • New construction w/already approved funds expected this year on 61 additional miles.

Customs & Border Patrol just released data for January 2019 and reported the number of "family units" (large groups) with "unaccompanied children" apprehended at the U.S. Southern Border has increased 290% compared to last year.

by Jenna Lee,