White House Christmas Ornaments

December 13, 2023

The spirit of Christmas is ageless, irresistible and knows no barriers. It reaches out to add a glow to the humblest of homes and the stateliest of mansions.

38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford in his 1975 Christmas message; Pres. Ford is honored on the Official White House Christmas Ornament for 2023.

The front of 2023’s Official White House Christmas Ornament features “decorations inspired by the handcrafted Christmas ornaments used in the White House during the Gerald R. Ford Jr., administration,” including dozens of stars, flowers, doves, cherubs, and gingerbread men (White House Historical Association). The back of the ornament displays symbols related to Pres. Ford’s life and time in office.

Did You Know? The words “Troop 15” displayed on the back of the ornament represent Pres. Ford’s earning of “the highest achievable rank in the Boy Scouts of America” – the Eagle Scout rank; The White House Historical Association notes that Pres. Ford is the only president who has earned this honor. Learn more HERE!

Big Picture: For 42 years, the White House Historical Association – a nonprofit established by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy – has honored either a significant White House anniversary or a U.S. president with unique Christmas ornaments. The ornaments are made in the U.S. and manufactured by ChemArt, a veteran-owned company; all sales help support the Association’s mission of education and support for the historical preservation of White House art and artifacts.”

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The White House Historical Association Christmas Ornament Collection

by Leah Grainery, based in Texas