Will a Crucial Meting Help Keep America Safe?

September 6, 2018

“Worst Humanitarian Crisis In The World”

Some of America’s most dangerous enemies live there.

Will peace talks make us safer?

Why Yemen Matters

Why Yemen Matters

Unstable country providesA home for terrorists to fester & launch attacks.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Penniusula” (AQAP) calls Yemen home.

AQ cleric Anwar al-Awlaki found refuge in Yemen, as did al-Qaeda’s lead bomb maker who helped launch the so-called underwear bomber.

What’s Happening

A civil war rages inside Yemen: “Houthi”A Rebels vs. Yemeni gov’t.

U.N.-led talks between the 2 sides take place in Geneva this week.

Rebels backed by Iran; Saudis back the Yemeni gov’t (as does U.S.).

Big Question: Do talks help the 4-year conflict or make situation worse?

The U.N. described the conditions in Yemen as an “apocalypse.” Millions don’t have basic needs. U.S. Defense Secretary recently said America’s support of Saudi Arabia has to include an effort to avoid civilian casualties.

  • Yemen”s warring sides to meet, with tensions — and stakes — higher than ever :
  • Mattis: U.S. assistance to Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen “is not unconditional”A

by Jenna Lee,