Winter storms impact large portion of US

December 22, 2022
Heavy snow falling on on fir trees

A wild day of weather continues over southeast Wyoming! In addition to the record 1-hour temp drop earlier, we have now dropped 51 degrees (from 42 to -9) in TWO hours!

National Weather Service of Cheyenne, Wyoming, posted on Twitter on Wednesday. An Arctic chill is impacting large portions of the country this week with record-breaking wind chills now hitting Western states.

Why It Matters: Western states like Wyoming are being impacted by a winter storm which is sweeping across the United States. The winter storm caused a blizzard in Wyoming on Wednesday, which led to severe conditions such as zero visibility. Moving into the weekend, nearly 75% of the country will experience temperatures below freezing; about 23% of the country will have temperatures below 0°F.

Holiday Travel Plans? The most significant impacts for airline travel will likely be on Thursday and Friday as massive amounts of snow and wind hit the Rockies and Northern Plains region.

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NWS Cheyenne Tweet

by Jenna Lee,