Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers on the Rapid Spread of Covid-19 in the State. Cases Have Reached Record Highs Nationwide.

November 1, 2020

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: We are facing an urgent crisis…

  • According to USA Today analysis, citing Johns Hopkins University, an American tests positive for COVID every second and one American dies of COVID about every two minutes.
  • Health officials warns the data will continue to worsen – as positive cases foreshadow higher hospitalizations and deaths (both trending higher).
  • One popular model suggested: “The fall/winter surge should lead to a daily death toll that is approximately three times higher than now by mid-January.”
  • The FDA recently approved its first ever drug to treat COVID-19 – remdesivir – however, that’s used in the most seriously ill patients.
  • Why It Matters: With public mitigation efforts already in place, some health officials call for stricter adherence or new policies. Whether or not the political will exists for such efforts remains to be seen.

by Jenna Lee,