World’s Largest Election: India Reelects PM with Smaller Majority

June 5, 2024

This is a victory for the world’s biggest democracy.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after winning reelection. PM Modi, now solidified as leader of India for the third consecutive term, won a smaller majority than expected and will have to build a coalition among other parties to get his policies through.

Why It Matters: After a 47-day election – considered the world’s largest election with nearly 1 billion people registered to vote – PM Modi’s leadership has shifted. This election marks the first time PM Modi’s party lost the outright majority and must rely on allies to form the majority government. Nonetheless, he continues to lead the world’s largest democracy for the 10th consecutive year.

From His Critics: “My sole issue with Modi today is that he has become larger than the party itself. In a democratic system … a party should always supersede an individual,” said Surendra Kumar Dwivedi, a former head of the Department of Political Science at Lucknow University.

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India’s Modi is known for charging hard. After a lackluster election, he may have to adapt his style (The Associated Press)

Photo Credit: @narendramodi via Instagram

by Emily Hooker, based in Texas