World’s Tallest Sandcastle

July 8, 2021

It’s very, very, very beautiful artwork that you’ve never seen before.

John Andersen on the world’s tallest sandcastle built in his sculpture garden.
  • The world's tallest sandcastle was built in Blokhus, Denmark at the annual Sand Sculpture Festival. It took one month to construct.
  • It broke the Guinness World Record at 69.4 feet tall and consists of over 10.7 million pounds of sand. It is 11.5 feet taller than the tower that previously held the title for world's tallest sandcastle (built in 2019 in Germany).
  • It was created by Wilfred Stijger, a Dutch artist who is known for his sand, ice, and snow sculptures. He was assisted by 30 experienced sand sculptors from around the world.
  • The detailed structure resembles a pyramid and features detailed designs such as beach houses, lighthouses, and kitesurfing. Atop the sandcastle is the coronavirus wearing a crown – inspired by the pandemic's "ruling [over] our lives", as stated by creator Wilfred Stijger.
  • To ensure the sandcastle withstands the cold and windy conditions of fall and winter, it consists of 10% clay and a layer of glue (applied after completion). The sandcastle is expected to remain standing until February or March.

CLICK HERE for a closer look at the sandcastle

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by Jenna Lee,