Yosemite National Park Flooding

May 22, 2023
Yosemite Flooding

When unusually warm weather meets several feet of dense Sierra Nevada snow, things get interesting.

@yosemitenps on Instagram said as flooding continues in Yosemite Valley this week.

What To Know: The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the Merced River—a river inside Yosemite National Park forecasted to flood for several days. The water is “…tumbling spectacularly over cliffs and cutting through canyons, pouring into the Merced River and overflowing its banks, blissfully unconcerned with human inventions like roads and campgrounds.”

Why It Matters: Due to the higher-than-average level of snowfall in California during the winter, the high temperatures are now melting the snowpack, causing these floods and concerns as the national park readies for the busy summer season. Yosemite Valley and several campgrounds have been closed. And the National Park Services continues warning visitors about wading and swimming in moving water.

Yosemite Photos Show Park Flooding as Sierra Nevada snow melts (NewsWeek)

by Jenna Lee,