Yosemite Postmaster Retires After 40+ Year Career

February 9, 2023
A valley and river in Yosemite National Park with mountains in the background

People look for normalcy, especially in a park where natural disasters happen. They look to the post office for that.

John Reynolds, the now-former Yosemite National Park postmaster, retired from his position last week and took time to reflect on what made the job memorable for him.

Reynolds spent 40+ years working at Yosemite’s post office, but his roots go deeper than that. He was born in the park, where his mother also worked at the post office, and took a clerk job at the age of 18 with the assumption that it would be a seasonal position. Now, more than 40 years later, Reynolds has many unique stories to tell about living and working in one of America’s most beautiful places.

For more, including the time he had to deliver mail during a rockslide, check out his post-retirement interview with the San Francisco Gate.

by Jenna Lee,