Youth activist Esther Ze Naw reacting to the violent crackdown against protestors in the country of Myanmar, where the military coup has led to weeks of demonstrations. The United Nations called Sunday one of the deadliest days to date with reports of more than a dozen killed.

March 31, 2021
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“It’s obvious they’re trying to instill fear in us by making us run and hide. We can’t accept that.”

“Police and military forces have confronted peaceful demonstrations, using lethal force and less-than-lethal force that – according to credible information received by the UN Human Rights Office – has left at least 18 people dead and over 30 wounded.” U.N. human rights office

  • The coup started on February 1st – after the military lost seats in the election to a pro-democracy party.
  • Protests erupted shortly after the coup and have continued for weeks – clashes between police/the military vs. protestors have grown more violent.
  • Why This Matters: Myanmar was under military rule for decades and appeared to be moving towards democracy. The coup is seen by many as a step backward towards authoritarian rule (which brings the country closer to China) versus a more open society and warmer relations with the West.

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by Jenna Lee,