Zelensky on truth

February 26, 2022
"Our weapon is the truth."

Ukrainian Pres. Zelensky in a video he posted of himself on Saturday as he walked in the middle of the capital city of Kyiv, as reports continue of intensified attacks from Russian forces: “I’m here, and I will not give up. We will still defend our country. Our weapon is the truth, and the truth is that we will defend our country, our land, our children. And we all will defend all of this…Glory to Ukraine.” Meanwhile, the U.S announced sanctions on Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin, and his inner circle, as well as $350 million of immediate aide. The U.S. isn’t alone others like the Czech Republic annnounced plans to send ammunition and weapons to Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies with missile attacks and street fighting in Kyiv

How Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky went from an actor playing president on TV to defiant wartime leader

by Jenna Lee,