Preparing For Hurricanes

August 29, 2023
Image of Hurricane Idalia on Tuesday, August 29, Credits: CSU/CIRA & NOAA

If you’re not using the bathtub for water, use it for ice.

Daytona Beach News-Journal providing tips on hurricane preparedness.

Big Picture: Hurricane Idalia is forecast to make landfall on Florida's Gulf Coast on Wednesday as a Category 3 major hurricane (with winds between 111-129 mph) and has already led to evacuation orders in some areas of the state, with South Carolina and Georgia joining Florida in declaring states of emergency due to the expected impacts of the storm. Meteorologists have warned that Idalia is expected to bring life-threatening hurricane conditions and storm surge as soon as Tuesday night, and storm surge (rising tides) has already begun impacting parts of Florida.

Did You Know? Among hurricane preparedness actions, authorities urge those who are staying in their homes to fill up bathtubs (and sinks) with water "as an extra supply for washing" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The Daytona Beach News-Journal makes these two suggestions:

For household use, sanitize the bathtub by scrubbing well and rinsing with 1 cup of bleach in a tub of water. Let stand overnight; drain; refill. Use for flushing the toilet, but if necessary, for washing.

Try the bathtub. If you're not using the bathtub for water, use it for ice. Buy huge blocks and load the tub. Cover it with a tarp. Or fill with cubed ice; cover with newspapers and a heavy tarp, then a layer of plastic to keep cold in. Use a drain plug to save water for other uses. FULL ARTICLE WITH MASTER LIST OF TIPS FOR EMERGENCY PREP

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